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The wiki about Mike Gravel's 2008 Libertarian (formerly Democratic) Campaign for the Presidency of the United States that anyone can edit

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Just do it!

Change? or More Of The Same?

Its one thing for a state to be murdering and/or oppressing others when their local public doesn't know about it... but it's another when the public knows about it and supports the injustices and crimes...
In the first situation, the killing policy is vulnerable. If word gets out, the public might be angry.
But in the second it is more stable, and deadly, since the public knows, and asks for more.
McCain, Clinton, Obama = more of the same.

You know it and I know it.

Mike Gravel = an end to the killing.

It's up to you and up to me.

If Kosovo, Why Not Palestine?

With the "Annapolis process" going nowhere, as was clearly the Israeli and American intention from the start, the Kosovo precedent offers the... Palestinian leadership... a golden opportunity to seize the initiative, to reset the agenda... [unilateral declaration of independence, not unlike 1776 in North America]
If in Kosovo, why not in Palestine? If in Palestine, why not in the United States of America?

All we need do is declare ourselves free of the Republicrat/Demoblican Complex, free of the fortune tellers in the mainstream media, free of the corporate stooges put in place by the R/D Complex and MSM as our "representatives", working for them, and simply elect our own representative president : Mike Gravel.

Mike Gravel will then immediately get down to business doing just what he said he would do : ending The War in Iraq by next Memorial Day and The War in Palestine shortly thereafter.

Declare your own Independence. Just do it!

Jfmxl 10:03, 21 February 2008 (UTC)

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